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Maya is a selkie—equally at home both on land as a human and in the sea as a seal.When Iain, Earl of Stoneleigh, stumbles across her sunning herself on a rocky Highland shore, he steals her skin, putting her in his power. He makes her his captive and his lover and teaches her all the ways in which humans can pleasure each other.At first Maya is content to remain a human. She enjoys the sensual games her master plays, and is eager to explore the bounds of her human sensuality with him.But when he lets slip that he will never set her free, his betrayal makes her lose her will to live. He can force her to stay with him and remain his sex slave, but he cannot force her to submit willingly to his every desire.Iain must find the strength to rise above his sensual desires and give his beautiful captive back her freedom if they are ever to find happiness together

School For Virgins


Jack Langton is about to be married to Clarissa, the virginal young daughter of his business partner.

Helen Fairchild runs a school for respectable young ladies, where she teaches her young charges how to please their future husbands in bed.

The moment Jack accidentally discovers the secret of her school, he wants lessons for himself. Not to learn how to please his future wife, however, but to learn how to please Helen, with whom he is instantly obsessed. Helen reluctantly agrees to take him as a pupil. At first she only wants to take this arrogant man down a peg or two and teach him how to treat a woman properly. But as the lessons progress, she gradually falls in love with him.

As Jack's marriage draws ever closer, he falls ever more under Helen's spell. But as a man of honour, he cannot withdraw his promise to Clarissa.

Helen's lessons must teach Jack and Clarissa, and Helen herself, to recognize what their hearts truly yearn for before all three of them can find the happiness they crave.

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