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E J King - Soul Hunters Series

E J King - Soul Hunters 1 - Dark Souls

Monsters lurk in the shadows. Evil comes out to play at night. Your worst nightmares are real. All of the ghost stories and supernatural tales you read to yourself as a child are true. You have every reason to be scared, you just don't know it because you can't see it. You don't have the gift. I do. Forces of darkness are at work, doing their very best to destroy all that is good in the world. I should know- they nearly destroyed me. My family was slaughtered, killed by the creatures we spent our lives hunting. I would have been killed, too, if it wasn't for a mysterious man that appeared out of nowhere and saved me, then vanished just as quickly. I owe him my life. I also blame him for it. It's been two years since that night, but it feels like yesterday. I can still hear their screams and see the blood pooled beneath their bodies. And I can still see the piercing blue eyes of the man that saved me and feel his warm, strong arms wrapped around me as he carried me to safety. I don't expect to ever see him again. But then again, life has a way of surprising you, of kicking you in the ass right when you least expect it.

E J King - Soul Hunters 2 - Broken Souls

Kaylie Hart has been running from her past for two years. After her family was viciously murdered in a Soul attack, she swore that she would leave that life behind. But then James Rafferty and Ethan Night move in upstairs. 

Now, Kaylie is surrounded by the life she tried to leave. When two girls go missing on campus, it’s time for Kaylie to stop running and start fighting. Just when she begins to think that she might be able to live in both worlds, her best friend, Hope, becomes a target of the Soul attacks. If Kaylie wants to save her friend, she needs to embrace her destiny once and for all. 

With the help of Rafe and Ethan, Kaylie faces the demons of her past and begins to accept her uncertain future. 

E J King - Soul Hunters 3 - Empty Souls

Kaylie Hart has finally accepted that she can’t run from her past any longer. The monsters in her life aren’t the kind that vanish when you turn on the light. But she’s had a harder time accepting that the brother she thought had been killed two years ago might still be alive. 

When she receives a mysterious text from that brother, she makes it her mission to find out the truth. An impromptu road trip with her best friend, Hope, and fellow Hunters, Rafe and Ethan, leads them down a dark road. Not only that, but Kaylie finds herself being drawn even closer to the mysterious, alluring James Rafferty. 

Kaylie must decide if she can find a way to believe in people again- to believe that her brother is still alive and to believe that Rafe might be just the person she needs to learn how to love again. 

E J King - Soul Hunters 4 - Lost Souls

The supernatural monsters of Kaylie Hart’s past are back for good. Now that she has decided to stop running, she struggles to keep her normal and paranormal lives balanced. 

After returning to town from an unsuccessful road trip to find her missing brother, Kaylie and her friends discover that men are going missing in Jackson. She quickly determine that they are hunting a Siren- a mythological creature that targets men by manipulating and eventually killing them. It’s all in a night’s work for Kaylie and the other Hunters. 

In addition to hunting again, Kaylie has also decided to open her heart to a fellow Hunter, Rafe. But when Rafe becomes the Siren’s latest victim, Kaylie’s two worlds collide and she is forced to face both of her deepest fears- love and loss. 

E J King - Soul Hunters 5 - Dead Souls

For two years, Kaylie Hart has mourned the death of her entire family. She buried them, grieved them, and started her life over without them. But then her brother, Lincoln, comes back from the dead. 

He faked his death to protect her, to keep their family secret buried. But Kaylie quickly learns that he has been keeping even more secrets. Not only that, but her friends have been lying to her, too. As Kaylie learns the truth about her family, she also faces the painful truth that she is madly in love with fellow Hunter, Rafe. But their time together is running out. 

Just when she starts to accept their situation, her friend, Hope, is pulled into the deadly Hunter world and Kaylie helplessly faces the possibility that she may have to kill her best friend.

E J King - Soul Hunters 6 - Bound Souls

Kaylie Hart’s worst nightmare has come true. Her best friend has been turned into one of the monsters that she has spent her life hunting. Now she is faced with a terrible decision- kill Hope or wait for Hope to kill someone else? 

Then Olivia Silver, Lincoln’s old friend, shows up on Kaylie’s doorstep. In addition to being a sultry, sassy woman and a Hunter, she also knows of a cure for vampirism- the blood of the Alpha. Too bad Hope was turned by one of the biggest and baddest Souls in town- Kaylie’s father, Benton Hart. 

Kaylie learns that she must kill her father to save her friend and in the end, she vows to risk everything to save the people she loves. 

E J King - Soul Hunters 7 - Evil Souls

Kaylie Hart swore that she would find a way to save James Rafferty. Not just because she loves him, but because she owes him. Two years ago, he saved her life. Now, it is her turn to return the favor. 

But to save him, she has to get him to drain her blood. When it’s over, Rafe is saved but she hovers at the brink of death, fighting to find her way back to him. When she finally opens her eyes, it’s like she can see for the first time, and she can finally see a future for herself. 

But as she prepares to send her brother and best friend on a necessary trip to save Hope, things take a drastic turn for the worse. The only solution is to leave the place that Kaylie calls home and search for answers on the road. In a race against evil, Kaylie is determined to win. 

E J King - Soul Hunters 8 - All Souls

Kaylie Hart made a home for herself. She started a normal life, one devoid of hunting and supernatural beings. But that normal life didn’t last long, and now she’s been forced to leave her home. 

On the road with Rafe and Ethan, she crosses paths with an old friend and learns secrets about her family’s past. She decides that she has to learn more, but that she can’t tell the people she loves most in the world. 

After leaving Rafe and Ethan, she comes across a Were nest and faces a side of the supernatural world that she never knew existed. When she meets the charming Alpha of a nearby pack, everything she ever believed about the monsters she spent her life hunting is questioned. Slade forces her to face the ultimate question- are all monsters evil?

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