Monday, March 3, 2014

Nicolette Andrews

Nicolette Andrews - Those Who Dwell In The Thorns

Catherine has always done what is right and proper. She married a wealthy man she hardly knew because it was. expected of her. She too had certain expectations about her life. She wanted to be a good wife, to manage his household and someday bear his children. That all changed when she and her husband, Edward, are attacked on their way to their home, Thornwood Manor.

They are saved by her husband's gardener, the mysterious Mr. Thorn. After the attack, only Catherine and Mr. Thorn seem to remember anything about it. In fact, he seems to know a lot about Catherine, though they have never met before.

Catherine would rather look the other way and pretend she does not see people disappearing or that she feels an inexplicable draw to the shrouded woods behind her new home. When Catherine is confronted with the past she would rather forget, she must realize that a normal life was never something that was meant for her.

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